Monday, November 2, 2009

New semester October 2009

New semester has started and we got an arab lecturer teaching us this time round. His name is Dr Abdoun Osman and he is from Sudan.

This semester will be much focused on communication skill as the level implies (kelas komunikasi tahap 1) and so far the first two classes has been good. The conversation/text can be considered to be easy to follow. We have to read and understand the text and then each one of us will have to memorize and read/act out the text. It was kinda fun although it is a little bit hard on the memorizing part but with a little determination, it can be done. Hopefully all the students have the istiqamah to stay on until the end of the semester. On the first class, we have around 15 students but the number increases in the second class to around 25 students.

Well, we see how the thing goes from now on. Salam.

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